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Field Inspection Manual — Non-Automatic Weighing Devices

Part 3, Section 1: STP-1: Suitability of the Device for Intended Use


Sections 61 and 62 of the Non Automatic Weighing Devices Specifications.

Device Class

The device must be of a class appropriate for the application. For instance, a Class II device must be used for weighing gemstones while a Class III device is not suitable. For a given application, the device may be of a higher accuracy Class than that required. For instance, a Class III HD device may be used for the weighing of gravel, land fill and raw material for road construction where a Class IIII device is normally sufficient.

Minimum Net Load

The device must have a scale interval that permits an accurate determination of net quantity. The device must not be used to weigh net quantities less than the value obtained by multiplying the verification scale interval value times the factor indicated in Column 3 of section 62. For instance, in general applications, a device with a verification scale interval of 5 g cannot be used to weigh net loads of less than 100 g (5 g × 20).

Traders should be advised to select scales with scale intervals that are suitable for the range of commodity weights that they normally weigh.


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