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Field Inspection Manual — Non-Automatic Weighing Devices

Part 2, Section 4: IPO-4: Steel Yard Scales


Mechanical steel yard type scales including double beam hanging scales


Inspector's weight kit, local standards in sufficient number and capacity, and weight suspension equipment.


Device is approved for trade use: NoA, Act Section 8

Device is suitable for the actual use: STP-1

Device has been initially inspected (if applicable) and bears the initial verification marks: R.29

Visual Examination — Installation and Location : STP-7

Device is installed in accordance with restrictions and conditions listed in the notice of approval and in accordance with manufacturer's instructions

Device is adequately supported

Device indicating and load receiving elements are positioned for customer's view (if applicable)

Clearance around load receptor

Device is properly levelled

Device is adequately protected

Visual Examination — Marking: STP-3

Device is marked with the required information

Marking is located as required

Marking is permanent (if applicable)

Marking plate is permanently attached to the device

Visual Examination — Beam, poise, and zero setting mechanism: STP-5

Weight values are adequately defined

Scale marks and numbering are clear and readable

Poise is clean; no part has been lost;

Poise adjusting material is enclosed and held firmly in position

Poise indicating component is in good condition and allows for accurate readings

Material for setting zero is enclosed and secured

Balance ball assembly is held firmly in position


Load Discrimination Test (No Load): STP-14

Increasing Test: STP-13

Eccentricity Test (not required on beam-over-pan scales): STP-15

Load Discrimination (Max): STP-14

Decreasing and Return-to-Zero Test: STP-13

Repeatability Test: STP-16


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