Comparative study of the characteristics of use of the proposal procedures set out in the BIA by incorporated businesses in Canada, and analysis of the success of these procedures

by Jocelyne Gosselin and Benoît Mario Papillon

October 2007


"The overall objective of this research is a better understanding of the use by incorporated businesses of the proposal procedure set out in the BIA. Specifically, the research is aimed first of all at reproducing on a national level the analysis of the characteristics of use of this procedure that was carried out for Quebec in the context of the 2005 research project entitled Empirical analysis of the effectiveness of the reorganization procedures under the BIA and the CCAA. The current research is applied to a wider geographic area and a longer period of time. Instead of restricting itself to 1998-2004, the analysis covered the period 1995-2005, which provided for verifying whether the characteristics of use of these procedures had changed over this period, and whether they vary across regions of Canada. There are several other new elements to this research in addition to the broader geographic scope and longer period of time covered."

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