GST/HST credit payment—Problem resolved–Revised

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) would like to advise trustees in bankruptcy that the problem that was encountered with the issuance of the , GST/HST credit payments and in some cases the , GST/HST credit payments for situations involving bankruptcy accounts, has been corrected.

Trustees in bankruptcy that had submitted amended DC905 forms between , and , requesting that the GST/HST credit payments be sent to the bankrupts, may have had their requests inadvertently deleted by the system fix.

Trustees in bankruptcy that received GST/HST credit payments on , for bankrupts that they had submitted an amended DC905 will have to re-submit the DC905 form to request that the GST/HST credit payments be sent to the bankrupts.

We regret the inconvenience that this has caused.

Trustees in bankruptcy who have questions regarding the GST/HST credit issuance process should contact Cindy Burke at 613-954-3123.

Taxpayers that have questions should be referred to the GST/HST credit information line at 1-800-959-1953.

Cindy Burke
Senior Programs Officer
Benefit Programs Directorate
Assessment and Benefit Services Branch

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