GST/HST credit payment–Problem resolved

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) would like to advise trustees in bankruptcy of a problem that was encountered with the issuance of the , GST/HST credit payments for situations involving bankruptcy accounts. Due to a system problem, GST/HST credit payments were sent to the taxpayers rather than to the trustees in bankruptcy.

This problem may affect accounts where information from Form DC905, Bankruptcy Identification Form, was keyed in the CRA insolvency system between , and

Although the trustees in bankruptcy indicated on Form DC905 that they wanted to receive the GST/HST credit payments, the payments were sent to the taxpayers.

The system problem was fixed on , which unfortunately was after the July issuance run was completed.

The CRA is working on identifying and correcting the affected accounts. Once these accounts have been fixed, future GST/HST credit payments will be sent to the trustees in bankruptcy as requested.

The CRA will not be issuing duplicate payments to the trustees in bankruptcy. 

We regret the inconvenience that this has caused.

Trustees in bankruptcy that have questions regarding the GST/HST credit issuance process should contact Cindy Burke at 613-954-3123.

Taxpayers that have questions should be referred to the GST/HST credit information line at 1-800-959-1953.

Cindy Burke
Senior Programs Officer
Benefit Programs Directorate
Assessment and Benefit Services Branch

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