Form 3—Application for Trustee Licence (Corporation)

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Form 3

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(Subsection 13(1) of the Act)

General Information

Name of the corporation (pre-approved by the Superintendent)

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Address of head office

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space 2 to insert address of head office, second line
space 3 to insert address of head office, third line

Telephone No. : space to insert telephone number

Fax No. : space to insert fax number

E-mail Address: space to insert email address

Select box if incorporated under federal law Under federal law
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Other province(s) in which the corporation is registered: space to insert name of other province(s)

Date of incorporation:
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Bankruptcy district(s) for which a licence is requested: space to insert name of bankruptcy district


I, the undersigned, do solemnly declare that I am authorized to submit the present application on behalf of the corporation named herein and that the information set out in this application and in the attached documents is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true, correct and complete in all respects.

Dated at Space to insert city , this Space to insert day of month day of Space to insert month and year

Space to insert signature of applicant
Signature of applicant, on behalf of the corporation

Required Documentation

Please include the documents listed below with your application. If any items are not provided, please indicate the reason for the information being excluded and the date when it will be provided to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

  1. The original or a certified true copy of the constituting documents (letters patent, certificate of incorporation, memorandum or articles of association, and other pertinent documentation).
  2. The address of the head office and of every other office or place of business from which the corporate trustee intends to provide bankruptcy services.
  3. A personal balance sheet of the firm's managing trustee (as of the date of this application).
  4. The name, residential address and occupation of each shareholder and of each person having a direct or indirect proprietary interest in the corporation (including the beneficial owner, if applicable).
  5. The number of shares (or proportion of total shares) and the classes of shares held by each shareholder in the corporation.
  6. A list of every trustee who is simultaneously a shareholder (or financial backer) of this corporation and of any other corporate trusteeFootnote 1, and all relevant details (i.e., names of those corporate trustees, and the district(s) in which they operate).
  7. The name, residential address and occupation of each director and of each officer of the corporation.
  8. The name and business address of every licensed trustee who will practise in an office or place of business of the corporate trustee.
  9. Proof of insurance coverage (professional liability insurance and employee dishonesty (fidelity) insurance).
  10. A cheque for $300 payable to the Receiver General of Canada.

A copy of the following information must also be sent to your local Division Assistant Superintendent:

  1. Details of necessary resources (work facilities, equipment and personnel) available for each office from which the corporate trustee intends to provide bankruptcy services, and of banking arrangements.
  2. If a trustee responsible for the administration of estates is replaced, a letter indicating which trustee will assume responsibility for those estates, and the signature of that trustee confirming his/her acceptance of the transfer.

Important Notices

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