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OSB licence administration application (OLAA)

Update notification

We have made updates to OLAA’s My ISED Account login
and it requires you to migrate your registered user account.

Migrating your OLAA account

Sign in using your credential and fill out any missing information on the "Complete your ISED Account" page. You must enter the same email address that is associated with your current OLAA LIT Profile to successfully connect your existing OLAA services. If you can't remember the email address you entered, please contact the the OSB Licensing Team.

On "Continue", a pop-up message will appear, select the "Recover the existing ISED account" option. It will send you an email to verify your account and sign you into the application.

Note: If there is no pop-up and it brings you to a screen saying permission denied, you did not enter your previous registered email. Contact the OSB Licensing Team to resolve this issue.

Login (or complete migration)

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