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Dry cleaning and laundry services (except coin-operated) - 81232


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in laundering, dry cleaning, and pressing apparel and linens of all types, including leather. These establishments may also provide clothing repair and alteration services.

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    Laundry pick-up and delivery stations. Operated independently from power laundries and dry-cleaning, repairing and storing fur garments are also included.

    Example Activities:
    Apparel pressing services, for the trade
    Fur garments, cleaning, repairing and storage
    Hand laundries
    Hat cleaning and blocking
    Laundry and dry cleaning agents
    Power laundry and dry cleaning and pressing clothing
    Valet services cleaning and pressing clothing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    retailing fur garments, combined with cleaning, repairing or storing (see 448191 Fur stores),
    storing furs for the trade (see 493120 Refrigerated warehousing and storage),
    operating clothing alteration and repair shops (see 811490 Other personal and household goods repair and maintenance),
    operating self-service laundry and dry-cleaning facilities (see 812310 Coin-operated laundries and dry cleaners),
    supplying and laundering household or commercial linens (see 812330 Linen and uniform supply).

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