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Musical groups and artists - 71113


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in producing live presentations that involve the performances of musicians and/or vocalists. Establishments in this industry may consist of groups or individual artists.

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    Example of establishments in this industry are chamber and symphony orchestras, country music groups, jazz music groups, and pop and rock music groups, as well as independent musicians and vocalists.


    Establishments or individuals primarily engaged in:
    producing theatrical, musical and opera productions (see 711112 Musical theatre and opera companies),
    organizing and promoting, but not producing, concerts and other musical performances (see 7113 Promoters (presenters) of performing arts, sports and similar events),
    representing or managing creative and
    performing artists, sports figures, entertainers, and celebrities (see 711410 Agents and managers for artists, athletes, entertainers and other public figures),
    performing in artistic and cultural productions, or providing technical expertise necessary for these works (see 711512 Independent actors, comedians and performers),
    providing food and beverages for consumption on the premises and also presenting live musical entertainment, such as night clubs (see 722 Food services and drinking places).


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