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All other support services - 56199


This industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in: providing support services.

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    Example Activities:
    Auctioneering service, on a commission or fee basis, not done on own facilities
    Bartering services
    Meter reading services, contract
    Motor vehicle licences, issuer, private franchise
    Water softening and conditioning services


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    providing employment services (see 5613 Employment services)
    providing business support services (see 5614 Business support services)
    providing travel arrangement and reservation services (see 5615 Travel arrangement and reservation
    providing security and investigation services (see 5616 Investigation and security services)
    providing services to buildings and other structures (see 5617 Services to buildings and dwellings)
    packaging and labelling services (see 561910 Packaging and labelling services)
    organizing convention and trade shows (see 561920 Convention and trade show organizers)

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