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Telephone call centres - 56142


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in receiving and/or making telephone calls for others. These establishments are engaged in activities such as soliciting or providing information; promoting products or services; taking orders; and raising funds.

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    This industry also incudes establishments primarily engaged in answering telephone calls and relaying messages to clients; and establishments primarily engaged in providing voice mailbox services.

    Example Activities:
    Telemarketing bureau
    Telephone answering services
    Telephone solicitation service on a contract or fee basis
    Voice mail box services


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    taking orders in offices of mail-order houses (see 454110 Electronic shopping and mail-order houses)
    providing paging services (see 517210 Wireless telecommunications carriers (except satellite))
    gathering, recording, tabulating, and presenting marketing and public opinion data (see 541910 Marketing research and public opinion polling)
    organizing and conducting fund-raising campaigns for others (see 561490 Other business support services)

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