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Graphic design services - 54143


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in planning, designing and managing the production of visual communication, so as to convey specific messages or concepts, clarify complex information or protect visual identities.

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    These services can include the design of printed materials, packaging, video screen displays, advertising signage systems and corporate identification.

    Example Activities:
    Commercial art services
    Graphic design services
    Medical illustration services
    Silk screen design service


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    producing animated films (see 512110 Motion picture and video production)
    web page development (see 541514 Computer systems design and related services (except video game
    design and development))
    providing advice concerning marketing strategies (see 541611 Administrative management and general
    management consulting services)
    creating and placing advertising campaigns in media (see 541810 Advertising agencies)
    creating or placing public display advertising material (see 541850 Display advertising)
    creating cartoons and visual art (see 711511 Independent visual artists and artisans)

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