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Other commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rental and leasing - 53249


This industry comprises establishments, not classifies to any other industry, primarily engaged in renting or leasing commercial and industrial machinery and equipment.

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    Example Activities:
    Agricultural machinery and equipment rental
    Industrial machinery and equipment , rental and leasing
    Materials handling machinery and equipment, rental
    Medical equipment rental and leasing, commercial and industrial
    Metalworking machinery and equipment rental
    Motion picture equipment rental
    Painting equipment rental
    Theatrical equipment (except costumes), rental


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    renting or leasing agricultural machinery and equipment, with operator (see 115 Support activities for
    agriculture and forestry)
    leasing and providing loans to buyers of goods and equipment, or to vendors and dealers to finance their
    inventories (see 522220 Sales financing)
    renting home furniture (see 532290 Other consumer goods rental)
    renting or leasing heavy equipment without operator (see 532410 Construction, transportation, mining, and
    forestry machinery and equipment rental and leasing)
    renting or leasing office machinery and equipment (see 532420 Office machinery and equipment rental
    and leasing)

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