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General rental centres - 53231


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in renting a range of consumer, commercial and industrial equipment. These establishments typically operate from conveniently located facilities in which they maintain inventories of goods and equipment that are rented for short periods of time.

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    The type of equipment that these establishments provide often includes, but is not limited to, contractors' and builders' tools and equipment, home repair tools, lawn and garden equipment, moving equipment and supplies, and party and banquet equipment and supplies.


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    renting personal and household goods (see 5322 Consumer goods rental)
    renting party and banquet supplies (see 532290 Other consumer goods rental)
    renting and leasing heavy construction equipment, without operator (see 532410 Construction,
    transportation, mining, and forestry machinery and equipment rental and leasing)
    renting and leasing heavy co

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