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Lessors of non-residential buildings (except mini-warehouses) - 53112


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in owning, or owning and operating, non-residential buildings. These establishments may operate (lease, administer and maintain) their properties on own account, or they may operate (lease, administer third party, and they may provide additional services, such as security, maintenance, parking, and snow and trash removal.

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    Example Activities:
    Auditorium rental or leasing
    Commercial and industrial buildings, operators of
    Concert hall operation, real estate operation
    Convention facilities, rental only
    Flea market space renting
    Leasing non-residential buildings
    Shopping centres, property operation only
    Stadium operating


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    warehouses engaged in goods handling activities (4931, Warehousing and Storage);
    self-storage mini-warehouses (53113, Self-Storage Mini-Warehouses); and
    non-residential property managers (53131, Real Estate Property Management.)

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