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Other Telecommunication - 51791


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing specialized telecommunications services, such as satellite tracking, communications telemetry, and radar station operation. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in providing satellite terminal stations and associated facilities connected with one or more terrestrial systems and capable of transmitting telecommunications to, and receiving telecommunications form , satellite systems.

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    Example Activities:
    Satellite Tracking stations


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    network facilities operated by them (see 51711 Wired telecommunications carriers)
    providing telecommunications and/or video entertainment services to mobile telecommunication devices
    over network facilities operated by them (see 517210 Wireless telecommunications carriers (except
    providing mobile and fixed telecommunications services over satellite network facilities operated by them
    or by distributing the services of other satellite network operators (see 517410 Satellite
    providing expert advice in the field of information technology or in integrating communication and computer
    systems (see 541514 Computer systems design and related services (except video game design and

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