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Other publishers - 51119


This industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in: publishing other works such as calendars, colouring books, greeting cards and posters.

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    Example Activities:
    Art prints, publishing (except exclusively on Internet)
    Calendars, publishing (except exclusively on Internet)
    Catalogues (i.e., mail-order, store and merchandise), publishing (except exclusively on Internet)
    Diaries and time schedulers, publishers (except exclusively on Internet)
    Greeting cards, publishing (except exclusively on Internet)


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    publishing newspapers (see 511110 Newspaper publishers)
    publishing magazines and periodicals (see 511120 Periodical publishers)
    publishing books, maps and atlases (see 511130 Book publishers)
    publishing directories and mailing lists (see 511140 Directory and mailing list publishers)
    publishing music (see 512230 Music publishers)
    publishing other works, such as calendars and greeting cards exclusively on Internet (see 519130 Internet
    publishing and broadcasting and web search portals)

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