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Used merchandise stores - 45331


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in retailing used merchandise. Establishments primarily engaged in retailing antiques are also included.

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    Example Activities:
    Antique home furnishings, retail
    Antiques, retail
    Appliances, used, retail
    Book stores, second-hand, retail
    Building materials, used, retail
    China and crockery, household, used retail
    Clothing stores, second-hand, retail
    Furniture stores, second-hand, retail
    Glassware and china, used, retail
    Musical instruments, used, retail
    Phonograph and phonograph record stores, second-hand, retail
    Rare book stores
    Second-hand book store, retail
    Second-hand merchandise, retail
    Used appliances, household, retail


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    retailing used automobile (see 441120 Used car dealers)
    retailing used recreational vehicles (RVs) (see 441210 Recreational vehicle dealers)
    retailing used motorcycles and boats (see 441220 Motorcycle, boat and other motor vehicle dealers)
    retailing used tires (see 441320 Tire dealers)
    retailing used mobile homes (see 453930 Mobile home dealers)
    retailing a general line of used merchandise on an auction basis (see 453999 All other miscellaneous store
    retailers (except beer and wine-making supplies stores))
    operating pawnshops (see 522299 All other non-depository credit intermediation)

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