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All other merchant wholesalers - 41899


This industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in: wholesaling a single line of products; and establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling a diversified line of merchandise, where no line is sufficiently important to constitute a primary activity.

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    Example Activities:
    Artificial flowers, wholesale
    Baskets, reed, rattan, willow and wood, wholesale
    Brooms, brushes and mops, wholesale
    Brushes, industrial, wholesale
    Charcoal, wholesale
    Church supplies (except silverware and plated ware), wholesale
    Coal and coke dealers, wholesale
    Cordwood, wholesale
    Cork, wholesale
    Curios, wholesale
    Fish oil, wholesale
    Flowers, artificial, wholesale
    Foam rubber, wholesale
    Fuel, coal and coke, wholesale
    Fuelwood, wholesale
    Gas lighting fixtures, wholesale
    Gifts and novelties, wholesale
    Glassware, novelty, wholesale
    Greases, animal and vegetable, wholesale
    Ice, manufactured or natural, wholesale
    Leather and cut stock, wholesale
    Leather goods (except footwear), wholesale
    Lighters, cigar and cigarette, wholesale
    Luggage, wholesale
    Mobile homes, wholesale
    Monuments and grave markers, wholesale
    Musical instruments, accessories and supplies, wholesale
    Novelties, wholesale
    Oils and greases, animal or vegetable, wholesale
    Outfitter (ship chandler)
    Pet supplies (except pet food), wholesale
    Plastics foam, wholesale
    Portrait, wholesale
    Religious supplies, wholesale
    Rope, binder twine and string, wholesale
    Saddlery, wholesale
    Sawdust, wholesale
    Sheet music, wholesale
    Ship chandlers, wholesale
    Smokers' supplies, wholesale
    Sponges, wholesale
    Stamps, for collectors, wholesale
    Statuary, wholesale
    Taxidermy supplies, wholesale
    Tombstones, wholesale
    Top soil or potting soil, wholesale
    Wholesalers of coal and coke
    Wigs and hairpieces, wholesale
    Wood pulp, wholesale


    No exclusions are specified in the 2017 NAICS Canada manual.

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