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Metal service centres - 41621


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling metals and metal products. These establishments may also cut, bend or otherwise prepare metals to customer specification.

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    Example Activities:
    Aluminum and aluminum alloy, primary forms and basic shapes, wholesale
    Aluminum bars, rods, ingots, sheets, pipes, plates, wholesale
    Angles, rods and bars, steel, wholesale
    Anode metal, wholesale
    Architectural metal work, wholesale
    Bar joists, fabricated, wholesale
    Bars, rods and angles, steel, wholesale
    Blooms, billets, slabs and other semi-finished shapes, wholesale
    Cable and rope, wire, steel, wholesale
    Carbon and alloy steels, primary forms and structural shapes, wholesale
    Castings and forgings, iron and steel products, wholesale
    Concrete forms, steel, wholesale
    Concrete reinforcing bars, wholesale
    Copper and copper alloy, primary forms and basic shapes, wholesale
    Copper architectural and structural metal products, wholesale
    Copper sheets, plates, bars, rods, pipes, wholesale
    Ferroalloys, wholesale
    Forgings and castings, iron and steel products, wholesale
    Grinding balls, cast or forged, wholesale
    Ingots (except precious), wholesale
    Ingots, non-ferrous metals, wholesale
    Iron and steel in primary forms and shapes, wholesale
    Iron and steel wire, wholesale
    Iron and steel, rough cast, wholesale
    Lead and zinc fabricated basic products, wholesale
    Lead primary forms and basic shapes, wholesale
    Mercury, wholesale
    Nickel and nickel alloy, primary forms and basic shapes, wholesale
    Ornamental iron and steel products, wholesale
    Pig and other primary iron, wholesale
    Pipes and tubes, metal, wholesale
    Plate, sheet and strip, steel, wholesale
    Primary forms and basic shapes, non-ferrous metal, wholesale
    Rails and accessories, metal, wholesale
    Reinforcement mesh, wire, wholesale
    Reinforcing rods, steel, wholesale
    Rods, bars and angles, steel, wholesale
    Rope, wire (except insulated), wholesale
    Sheet piling, steel, wholesale
    Sheets, galvanized or other coated, wholesale
    Sheets, metal, wholesale
    Springs, general purpose, steel, wholesale
    Stainless steel fabricated products, wholesale
    Steel strapping, wholesale
    Steel tubing, wholesale
    Structural shapes and plates, wholesale
    Terneplate, wholesale
    Tin plate, wholesale
    Tubing, metal, wholesale
    Wire rods, wholesale
    Wire screening, wholesale


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    wholesaling electrical wire (see 416110 Electrical wiring and construction supplies merchant wholesalers)
    wholesaling metal ores and concentrates (see 418920 Mineral, ore and precious metal merchant

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