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Other home furnishings merchant wholesalers - 41439


This industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in: wholesaling furniture and other home furnishings, such as window accessories, blinds, pictures and picture frames, mirrors and decorative ware.

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    Establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling a combination of home furnishings with none predominating are also included.

    Example Activities:
    Art and decorative ware, household, wholesale
    Bamboo furniture, wholesale
    Baskets, boxes, cans and bags, household, wholesale
    Bedroom furniture, wholesale
    Blinds, window, wholesale
    Box springs and mattresses, wholesale
    Cutlery, household, wholesale
    Decorative window accessories, wholesale
    Dining room furniture, wholesale
    Food preparation and storage utensils, household, wholesale
    Frames and pictures, wholesale
    Furnishings, household, wholesale
    Furniture, household, office, restaurant and public building, wholesale
    Furniture, household, wholesale
    Household furniture, wholesale
    Kitchen utensils, household, wholesale
    Lawn furniture, wholesale
    Mattresses and box springs, wholesale
    Mirrors (except automotive), wholesale
    Patio furniture, wholesale
    Public building furniture, wholesale
    Storage and food preparation utensils, household, wholesale
    Wall decorations, household, wholesale
    Window shades and blinds, wholesale


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    wholesaling china and glassware, kitchen and tableware (see 414310 China, glassware, crockery and
    pottery merchant wholesalers)
    wholesaling carpets and other floor coverings (see 414320 Floor covering merchant wholesalers)
    wholesaling bedding, draperies and other textile furnishings (see 414330 Linen, drapery and other textile
    furnishings merchant wholesalers)

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