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Piece goods, notions and other dry goods merchant wholesalers - 41413


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling piece goods, notions and other "dry goods".

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    Example Activities:
    Apparel trimmings, wholesale
    Automobile fabrics, wholesale
    Braided material, piece goods, wholesale
    Broad-woven fabrics, wholesale
    Buttons, wholesale
    Cheesecloth, woven, wholesale
    Clothing fasteners, wholesale
    Drapery material, wholesale
    Dry goods, wholesale
    Fabric, textile, wholesale
    Industrial yarn, wholesale
    Jute fabrics, piece goods, wholesale
    Knitting yarns, wholesale
    Labels, woven, wholesale
    Lace fabrics, wholesale
    Linen piece goods, woven, wholesale
    Millinery supplies, wholesale
    Narrow fabrics, wholesale
    Notions, wholesale
    Patterns, clothing, wholesale
    Piece goods, textile, wholesale
    Rayon piece goods, wholesale
    Shoulder pads, wholesale
    Silk piece goods, wholesale
    Textile piece goods, wholesale
    Thread, wholesale
    Warp knit fabrics, wholesale
    Weft knit fabrics, wholesale
    Yard goods, textile, wholesale
    Yarn and thread, wholesale
    Zippers, wholesale


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    wholesaling household linens and draperies (see 414330 Linen, drapery and other textile furnishings
    merchant wholesalers)

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