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Jewellery and silverware manufacturing - 33991


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing, engraving, chasing or etching jewellery, novelties or precious metal flatware, and other plated ware; stamping coins; cutting, slabbing, tumbling, carving, engraving, polishing or faceting precious or semiprecious stones and gems; recutting, repolishing and setting gem stones; or drilling, sawing, and peeling cultured and costume pearls.

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    Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pewter jewellery or flatware are included.

    Example Activities:
    Costume jewellery (including imitation stones and pearls), manufacturing
    Cutlery, precious metal (except plated), manufacturing
    Engraving, chasing or etching precious metal flatware
    Flatware, precious metal (except plated), manufacturing
    Industrial diamonds, cut and polished, manufacturing
    Jewellers' findings, manufacturing
    Jewellery and silverware, metal embossing for the trade
    Jewellery engraving, chasing or etching for the trade
    Jewellery polishing for the trade, manufacturing
    Jewellery, made of precious metal or precious or semiprecious stones, manufacturing
    Lapidary work
    Medals, precious or semi-precious metal, manufacturing
    Minting of coins
    Pearls, drilling, sawing, or peeling of, manufacturing
    Pewter ware, manufacturing
    Precious stones, cutting and polishing
    Rings, jewellery, manufacturing
    Table cutlery, precious metal (except plated), manufacturing
    Table flatware, precious metal (except plated), manufacturing
    Trophies, precious metal (except plated), manufacturing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing personal goods, except metal, carried on or about the person, such as compacts and vanity cases (31699, Other Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing)

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