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Pottery, ceramics and plumbing fixture manufacturing - 32711


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in shaping, moulding, glazing and firing pottery, ceramics and plumbing fixtures These products may be made of clay or other materials with similar properties.

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    Establishments that fire and decorate white china (whiteware) for the trade are included.

    Example Activities:
    Ashtrays, pottery, manufacturing
    Bathroom accessories, vitreous china and earthenware, manufacturing
    Ceramic insulators, manufacturing
    China tableware, vitreous, manufacturing
    Clay and ceramic statuary, manufacturing
    Cooking ware, china, earthenware, pottery or stoneware, manufacturing
    Decalcomania on china and glass, for the trade
    Dishes, pottery, manufacturing
    Drinking fountains, vitreous china, non-refrigerated, manufacturing
    Earthenware table and kitchen articles, manufacturing
    Electrical insulators, porcelain, manufacturing
    Filtering media, pottery, manufacturing
    Flower pots, red earthenware, manufacturing
    Garden pottery, manufacturing
    Insulators, electrical porcelain, manufacturing
    Kitchenware, china, earthenware, pottery or stoneware, manufacturing
    Magnets, permanent, ceramic or ferrite, manufacturing
    Plumbing fixtures, vitreous china, manufacturing
    Porcelain parts, electrical and electronic devices, moulded, manufacturing
    Porcelain, chemical, manufacturing
    Pottery products, manufacturing
    Sinks, vitreous china, manufacturing
    Spark plug insulators, porcelain, manufacturing
    Statuary, clay and ceramic, manufacturing
    Table articles, earthenware, manufacturing
    Table articles, vitreous china, manufacturing
    Tanks, flush, vitreous china, manufacturing
    Toilet fixtures, vitreous china, manufacturing
    Vases, pottery (e.g., china, earthenware and stoneware), manufacturing


    No exclusions are specified in the 2017 NAICS Canada manual.

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