Nancy Beauchemin

Year: 2010-2011 – Province: Québec

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

École l’Envol
24 du Couvent
Métis-sur-Mer, QC G0J 1S0

Principal: Suzanne Lévesque
School Tel.: 418-936-3895
School fax: 418-936-3050

Grades and subjects: French, math, science and technology, plastic arts for grades 1, 2, 3

Teaching method

Thanks to Nancy Beauchemin’s open door policy, the students benefit from the unforgettable experiences of a community that promotes human values like confidence, respect and sharing. They have seen a grandmother permanently set up her loom at the school in order to teach this art to the village’s children, and an elderly deaf woman sew and create costumes for the annual show. Ms. Beauchemin is unique in how she operates and also takes inspiration from the Établissement Vert Brunthland movement to help create an ecological, peaceful, interdependent and democratic world.

Outstanding achievements

  • For the last five years, Ms. Beauchemin and her students have participated in the École Éloignée en Réseau project. As part of this project, individual or small groups of students are twinned with students in other small schools to work together and create a sense of belonging for one another.
  • Ms. Beauchemin engages her students to participate in various competitions to fundraise for school projects and ensure its survival. To date, projects like the production of a documentary on the life of their community’s ancestors and the setting up of a Christmas store have won awards in entrepreneurship contests at the school board level.
  • For all of the last 10 years, Ms. Beauchemin has trained a team of ITC (information and communications technologies) experts familiarizing these students with the various tools and peripherals. Thus, they regularly update the school website; create PowerPoint presentations for the school board, etc.

Rave reviews:

"Then I had Nancy in Grade 5. Nancy was my first window on the world. She had all the confidence in the world, she stated what she wanted. She gave us kindness at the right time….Nancy was cool, a beautiful Quebecker that everyone loved. I was crazy about her."

Former student

"Nancy has a special gift for creating the conditions for the students to engage in difficult situations, meaningful tasks, taking into account their cognitive, affective and social characteristics. Enabling her students to work collaboratively is at the core of her approach. This classroom is a real beehive!"

Retired principal