Edward Trovato

Year: 2010-2011 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Gleneagle Secondary School
1195 Lansdowne Drive
Coquitlam, BC V3B 7Y8

Principal: Dave Matheson
School Tel.: 604-464-5793
School Fax: 604-464-5796
School Email: gleneagle@sd43.bc.ca
School Website: www.sd43.bc.ca/secondary/gleneagle

Subjects and grades taught: Band, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Band for grades 9 to 12

Teaching Approach

World Beat African drumming class, trips to New York and Cuba, opera, jazz, or salsa, Edward Trovato can teach it all when it comes to music. Making sure there’s something that appeals to everyone, Mr. Trovato takes the time to listen to what his students want to learn and gives them the chance to shine. A professional musician himself, his students learn from his contacts, perform and organize concerts and are constantly being recognized for their accomplishments.

Outstanding Achievements

  • In 2006, Mr. Trovato guided his students in the Cuba project through which they embraced new concepts in music and culture, but were also able to build a sense of global awareness. Students pulled together a fundraising gala jazz dinner dance and silent auction, with partial proceeds going toward purchasing musical supplies for an arts school in Cuba. The project culminated in a trip to Cuba and joint concerts with their Cuban peers. Mr. Trovato and his students are planning a similar trip this year.
  • Mr. Trovato collaborates on a department blog ( www.musicatgleneagle.wordpress.com) that highlights student achievements, thoughts and inspirational pieces.
  • Mr. Trovato has motivated his students to raise thousands of dollars every year toward the music prograM. Events have included trivia nights, jazz, dinner and dance evenings, as well as special concerts with world-class musicians, like the professional salsa band, La Rumba Calzada.

Rave Reviews

"I currently have two children is separate high schools in our community and wish that more teachers had only a fraction of Eddie’s grace, his patience and his drive. While his students are his number one concern, his kindness and respect is also extended to his peers and the parents."


"Mr. Trovato has a huge heart and a fiery passion that can always get his students’ heads into their music and make them want to succeed. He doesn’t do his job because he wants to be a star, or be the conductor up at the front that everyone is looking at, Mr. T. does it because he loves to teach and wants to share his love of music with kids."