Simon Ives

Year: 2010-2011 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Hillcrest Community School
44 Hilton Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 3E6

Principal: Nancy Lerner
School Tel.: 416-393-9700
School Fax: 416-393-1987
School Email:
School Website:

Subjects and grades taught: Junior and Senior Kindergarten

Teaching approach

Glance through the door into Simon Ives classroom and there he is hopping around on one foot and singing, while a student sits grinning on the windowsill. When a student succeeds, Mr. Ives performs a Happy Dance. When the children want to know more about oceans, Mr. Ives chooses stories about oceans and ocean creatures for art projects, counting and sorting. With a keen ear, he communicates with each student and builds a classroom where students are collectively responsible for both what they learn and the environment they learn in.

Outstanding Achievements

  • Mr. Ives encourages construction, and with his students built a clubhouse in his classroom. Big enough to fit the whole class (including teacher and assistant) and decorated with student art, the clubhouse belongs to the students and makes them feel like they belong to a special society.
  • Mr. Ives students’ have also built an entire neighborhood out of refrigerator boxes. Equipped with a bank, a bakery, a general store and a post office, it’s a space where children can play different roles.
  • Children use computers too! Mr. Ives uses computer software like KidPix to help his students draw, write and create art. He also carefully guides them (and their parents!) to various children’s websites for literacy, math and logic learning.

Rave Reviews

"Simon is the first grown-up friend I had. Simon is also the first friend that gave me a diary to write in. I like him very much!!!"


"Simon is the essence of patience. He inspires all of the teachers around him to reflect and improve on their professional and personal lives. Because of Simon, we collectively feel that he brings a higher expectation of greatness that we should all strive to achieve each and every day."