Harold Wardrop

    Year: 2010-2011 – Province: British Columbia

    Certificate of Excellence Recipient

    Harold Wardrop

    Brentwood College School
    3725 Mount Baker Road
    Mill Bay, BC V0R 2P1

    Principal: Andrea Pennells
    School Tel.: 250–743–5521
    School Fax: 250–743–2911
    School Email: Harold.wardrop@brentwood.bc.ca
    School Website: Brentwood College School

    Video Profile

    Subjects and grades taught: Calculus and Principles of Mathematics for grades 9 to 12

    Sherlock Holmes meets Indiana Jones when Harold Wardrop delivers his math class. Equipped with a unique ability to turn an abstract formula into a fun experience they'll talk about at recess, Wardrop tackles math through ice hockey, forensics, wakeboarding and the Vancouver Sky Train. Whether it's a game of Jeopardy or the experience of buying a dream car and living with a roommate, Mr. Wardrop students learn math, real life lessons and have fun doing it.

    Teaching Approach

    Mr. Wardrop's teaching approach is the sum of two intentions: no student left behind and math is everywhere. Mr. Wardrop is caring but tough; he teaches his students that math class and homework assignments should be approached like a workout in the gym.

    Outstanding Achievements

    • Mr. Wardrop developed and taught a very successful, hands-on, minds-on, course to help low achieving kids who were struggling in early high school mathematics. The course not only helped the students connect the math they were doing to real life but they often ended up discussing social and societal issues as well.
    • With curiosity leading the way, Mr. Wardrop has pioneered the use of various new technologies to teach math. It started 14 years ago when he secured a set of graphing calculators and continues today with a donation for SMART Boards in the classroom. His latest kick involves i-clickers which allow students to answer anonymously and thereby build confidence.
    • With students achieving 12% higher than the provincial average on exams, student grades are an obvious example of Wardrop's ability to motivate. He remains equally passionate about making sure that nobody is left behind and spends countless hours providing extra help.
    • Mr. Wardrop has been invited on several occasions to serve as a consultant for math textbooks and curriculum development.

    Rave Reviews

    "There are three types of teachers in this world. You are the fourth."


    "Given that all students must enroll in math classes up to grade 11, regardless of skill level, it is a mammoth undertaking to ensure that all the students' needs are taken into consideration. Harold approaches this responsibility with careful intention, and does his utmost to ensure that students are set up for success across the board."