Measurement Canada stakeholder technical engagement

Conversion of terms and conditions to ministerial specifications

Terms and conditions allow the Minister to approve on a temporary basis measuring device types that use new technology. They help to get innovative measuring device types to the market quicker, provide Measurement Canada an opportunity to evaluate their performance in service and allow Measurement Canada to become familiar with the new technology. The downside is that the approvals are conditional, which means that they can be withdrawn and the devices may need to be updated in the future. This creates uncertainty for both the manufacturers and users.

Measurement Canada would like to convert some existing terms and conditions into permanent requirements through ministerial specifications.

During this process, we would like to initiate a discussion on the technical requirements in the following terms and conditions:

Converting these terms and conditions will allow manufacturers to have these device types permanently approved for use in trade and for device owners to have the certainty of having permanently approved devices that are installed and used in accordance with permanent requirements.

Measurement Canada requests that you review the applicable terms and conditions and answer the following questions:

  1. Are the current requirements still relevant? Do they require updating?
  2. Is there any additional information that could affect the current technical requirements?
  3. Are there any reasons why converting these temporary technical requirements into permanent technical requirements could negatively affect your business? If so, please explain. Do you have an alternative suggestion?
  4. Where possible, Measurement Canada will use incorporation by reference to ensure that the requirements are in line with international standards. Do you think this may negatively affect the industry or your company? If so, explain how. Do you have alternative suggestions?

Please provide your answers and feedback by email to Measurement Canada by September 30, 2019.

The nature and extent of feedback received will determine the next steps for this project.

Measurement Canada greatly appreciates your input and will strive to address your concerns and expedite this process.

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