Gas pumps

Did you know that gas pumps must be:

  • approved by Measurement Canada?
  • inspected before use?
  • reinspected every 2 years?

Inaccurate pumps must be repaired or they could be taken out of service. It is the responsibility of the gas pump owner to ensure the pump is measuring accurately at all times. Under the Weights and Measures Act, if a pump is found to be measuring inaccurately, and corrective action is not taken promptly, the owner could be subject to financial penalties or prosecution.

Compliance rates

In 2018, 81,782 gas pumps were inspected in Canada. Out of these, 96% measured accurately. Out of the pumps measuring inaccurately, the majority had an error that was greater than 100 mL and up to 200 mL on a 20 L delivery (between 0.5% and 1.0%).

The Weights and Measures Regulations tolerate a maximum error of 100 mL (0.5%) on a 20 L delivery. That's about the same as half a small juice box!

Look for the sticker!

The sticker tells consumers when the pump was last inspected and when it must be reinspected.

Most complaints are related to:

  • missing inspection stickers
  • suspected inaccurate measure
  • issues with automatic temperature compensation (where volume is corrected to 15 °C)

Let us know!

If you have a complaint about any of these issues, please let us know by visiting

We also receive many complaints about the price of gas. Although gas prices fall outside of our mandate, we do focus on the accuracy of the pump so that you get the amount of gas you've paid for. To report suspected price fixing or other anticompetitive activity in the retail gasoline sector, you can contact the Competition Bureau at

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