Inspection stickers

New inspection sticker

Inspected measuring devices are identified by an inspection sticker. This new version will be placed on devices inspected after .

Figure 1: New inspection sticker

Figure 1: Measurement Canada's New Inspection Sticker (full description is located below the image)
Description of Figure 1
  • Expiration year

    This is the year in which the device must be re-inspected.

  • Year and month inspected

    The month and year the device was inspected and found to be measuring accurately.

  • Measurement Canada website

  • No expiration date

    If N/A is punched, the certification does not expire. Though all devices must be inspected when first placed into service, not all devices are subject to mandatory re-inspections.

  • Year of non-mandatory inspection

    This is the year in which a non-mandatory inspection (i.e. Marketplace Monitoring Program, inspection in response to a complaint) was performed. These inspections do not affect mandatory re-inspections which means the device still needs to be inspected by the expiration year indicated.

In the example above, this particular gas pump was inspected in and must be re-inspected by 2021. It also underwent a non-mandatory inspection in 2020 as a response to a complaint, which does not impact its mandatory re-inspection in 2021.

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