Revision and Revocation of MC Bulletins and Provisional Specifications


    Measurement Canada issued Specification S-E-06 (rev.1) effective 2008-10-15. This Specification consolidated various amendments to Specification LMB-EG-07 and supercedes PS-E-06, PS-E-07, and Bulletin E-20.

    Information pertaining to Bulletin E-20 "Test Provisions for Electronic Meters" is found in section 5.6.1 of S-E-06.

    Information pertaining to PS-E-06 "Test Links" is found in sections 5.4.4, 5.7.3 and 5.15.2 of S-E-06.

    Information pertaining to PS-E-07 "Requirements for Test Mode" is found in section 5.6.2 of S-E-06.

    PS-E-06, PS-E-07 and Bulletin E-20 are therefore hereby revoked.

    The issuance of S-E-06 — Specification for the Approval of Type of Electricity Meters and Auxiliary Devices - Amendments to Measurement Canada Specification LMB-EG-07 (rev.1) necessitated minor housekeeping amendments to sections 4.1, 4.4 and 4.10 of Bulletin E-30 and therefore it has been revised and issued as E-30 — Policy Decisions and Interpretations Related to Specification LMB-EG-07 (rev.2).

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