Electricity and Gas Meter Inspection Services

Effective , Measurement Canada will no longer provide the following inspection services as there are now several authorized service providers accredited for this work:

Metershop verification and reverification inspection services previously discontinued by Measurement Canada and listed below, are also provided by authorized service providers recognized under the Accreditation Program:

Measurement Canada will continue to provide inspection services for meter types and models that are not included in the scope of any accredited organization.

Measurement Canada continues to encourage organizations to become accredited for all types of devices. Once accredited organizations are able to deliver services for a certain device type, Measurement Canada will withdraw services for that device type.

For the latest listing of accredited organizations and the types of device inspection services they are authorized to provide, please refer to Measurement Canada's internet site.

Clients who cannot secure inspection services from accredited organizations, and as a result find themselves in a situation where they cannot meet the legal requirements of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act, should contact Measurement Canada. The Agency will assist the organization to acquire services from an accredited organization, or in the case of meter types or models for which no organization is accredited, Measurement Canada will provide the necessary inspection services directly.

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