G-02 — Temporary Dispensation of Sealing Requirement for Electronic Pressure, Temperature, and/or Supercompressibility Correcting Gas Meters

Date: 1992-04-28
Bulletin: G-2-E
Category: Gas
Supersedes: CEG-92-04

1. Under the authority of subsection 9(2) of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act, temporary permission is granted for placing electronic-type pressure, temperature, and/or supercompressibility correcting gas meters into service with verification marks which do not restrict access to metrological adjustments.

2. Consultation and developmental work is proceeding to establish requirements for accreditation for in-situ verification of auxiliary gas metering devices. When work is completed, an expiry date for this permission will be determined and announced. When the permission expires, verification marks for the above noted class of meters shall take the form of a seal applied to prevent unauthorized access to metrological adjustments.

3. For additional information, please contact the Vice-President, Program Development Directorate.

Alan Johnston
President, Measurement Canada