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Truesdale (En anglais seulement)

Processus de réforme du droit d'auteur


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Suggestion de Alan Trusdale reçue le 08 septembre 2001 00h42 par courriel

Objet: Canadian copyright reform

Dear Sirs/Madames
Please be advised that the move to harmonize canadian copyright laws with those in the USA are a very big mistake. The DMCA is a total mess and we should not be rushing to emulate such reprehensible legislation. I can not believe you think you are protecting Canadians by moving in such a obviously harmful way. Your proposed changes to Canadian copyright law will deprive Canadians of fair use while acting as a wet blanket to cryptographic research.

While the notion and application of IP should be studied. Most informed individuals believe that the issued to be studied should be how the system got so skewed as to accept the death of tens of thousands of children in the third world every day to assure that our pharmaceutical companies IP rights.

The agenda you a pursuing is not one of promoting the interests of Canadians. IP laws as they are crrently applied it are in fact murderous. Please consider what you are doing. Please consider why the cohesion of our society is breaking down why significant numbers of Canadians will hurl themselves against a fence in Quebec city.

The legislation you are proposing is significant and setting up a web site and hoping no one will notice is not acceptable. It is your responsibility as our government to both inform the public of the repercussions of this type of legislation and to build a consensus. By submitting your proposed legislation you can not claim to occupy a neutral position. What is so worry some is that the text and nature of the proposed legislation is so obviously written south of our boarders.

I and millions of other Canadians are watching this government. Please consider how the actions you are taking de-legitimatize the Canadian state and are eroding our social fabric.

It all matters,

Alan Truesdale

This is a copy of a letter sent
Subject: Canadian plans to ape DMCA
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 00:16:44 -0400
From: Alan Truesdale [e-mail address removed]

Here are some links that might help you inform your selves.

Alan Truesdale
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