Information Kits

This section of the website provides access to various information kits that relate to business corporations. These kits contain information dealing with incorporation, amendments to articles, amalgamation, revival, dissolution and continuance (export and import).

Exemption Information Kits - Overview

Exemption Kit - Application Under Subsection 2(6) of the CBCA for a Determination that a Corporation is Not a Distributing Corporation

Exemption Kit - Application Under Subsection 82(3) of the CBCA to Exempt a Trust Indenture from Part VIII of the CBCA

Exemption Kit - Dissident exemption proxy solicitation requirements Canada Business Corporations Act subsection 151(1)

Exemption Kit – Management Exemption Proxy Solicitation Requirements Canada Business Corporations Act Subsection 151(1)

Exemption Kit - Application Under Section 156 to Exempt a Corporation from the Prescribed Financial Disclosure Requirements

Exemption Kit - Application Under Subsection 171(2) of the CBCA to Exempt a Distributing Corporation from Having an Audit Committee

Amending the Articles of a Business Corporation

Reviving a Business Corporation

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