Ecological Ornamental Horticulture: Getting to Know Consumers to Guide their Decision-making


Lova Ramanitrarivo, Anaïs Poncin






The objective of the research project is twofold: 1) To identify the various factors that favour and discourage the consumption of more environmentally friendly ornamental horticulture products and services; and 2) to determine the most effective factors that lead consumers to choose these products and services.
This research project includes a review of past studies. The scope of our actions on environmentally friendly ornamental horticulture and alternatives to pesticides reveals how few studies exist on the subject and how difficult it is to obtain recent statistical data. The research project also includes a Canada-wide survey of 1,311 gardeners. Lastly, a series
of interviews with commercial and municipal players allowed us to verify their perceptions of consumer habits regarding more environmentally friendly ornamental horticultural products and services. These data identified solutions, recommendations, and measures to equip the industry with tools for its product and service offer. These recommendations are intended for commercial players and consumers themselves, but also for governments and organizations so as to encourage them to take tangible steps towards more environmentally friendly
ornamental horticulture products and services.

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